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It is obvious that accordinas needed accessories. The more we used it, the more we felt it. Then Marcel began to work on it.

The cases :

Rigid case

Simple but solid and efficient, the rigid box is covered with a synthetic material which looks like black leather. It has a handle, two locks and a cosy cover inside. Their dimensions are adapted to the instruments. An off-shore tool!

L'étui rigide

The leather case

Neater, the leather case, which goes to the shoulder. It is delivered with the skin to pack the accordina in a very cosy way.
5 colours: natural, brown, black, red or green

L'étui en cuir


Support for microphones :

It is the small part of duralumin that we screw on the body of the accordina (in places planned for it) and on which we can adapt ‘‘embarked’’ microphones.

Le support micros de Duralumin


The mouthpieces:

they are all adaptable on all the models of accordinas.

  • The Borel mouthpiece

Bec Borel

  • The Romanelli mouthpiece

Bec Romanelli

  • The short Nicolas mouthpiece

Bec Nicolas court

  • The long Nicolas mouthpiece

Bec Nicolas long


Spare parts:

Our spare parts can be used to fix Borel accordinas, most of them are compatible: joints, reeds ...


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