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The diato accordina is a 2004 button accordina. It is single-sound instrument with a DOIGTE which corresponds to the same fingering as the diatonic accordion (three rows pulling).

L'accordina diato
Norbert Pignol Norbert Pignol is at the origin of this accordina immediately adopted by Laurent Geoffroy, Stéphane Milleret, François Heim etc...

Technical sheet:

  • The diato accordina is 30 cm-long. Its 44 black and white button-keyboard has three rows. The black buttons correspond to the alteration like on a piano.
  • The range covers 3.5 octaves tuned at 440 Hz.
  • The sweet or loud sound allows to play according to your mood, romantically or, on the contrary, in a unbridled way.
  • All the components of the button accordina, without exception, are stainless and waterproof. This is very important given the great quantity of condensation generated by human breath.
  • The cleaning of the accordina is very easy. After using it, you just have blow and open the valve of purge to evacuate the condensation (not to make the case dirty)
    And that's it!
  • The guarantee of the accordinas last five years for parts and labour, on the condition of having returned the guarantee bill to the factory.
  • Your name can be engraved instead of the serial number if you placed a firm order (with deposit) and accepted the supplementary delay.

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