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Everything began at Augustin LIETARD s who was my accordion teacher a long time ago in Pas de Calais. One day, he took out this instrument from its case to play some notes. I had never seen such a small accordion.

I had forgotten it when Michel SALOBIR, a friend of mine from la Grande-Motte, who is musician and plays many instruments and among them the accordion, talked about it again to me in the 80. He was looking for one of them, which he found later. I decided to buy me one after listening to Spleen played by Richard GALLIANO and Daniel MILLE by ESTATE.

Then Olivier MANOURY made me try his in 1997 and explained to me how it worked, disassembling it on the table of a bar during the Night of Mother-of-pearl in Tulle…
At this very moment, I decided either I would find one quickly or I would make one by myself. The following morning, I bought one, tears in the eyes at the exchange fair of the same Nights of Mother-of-pearl to Pierre ANTOINE, antiquarian of Pompignan.

The idea to make one by myself stayed, and you know what happened next.
Thierry BENETOUX from straps piano in le Thor joined me to teach me how to set up the music and refine the regulating. He also participates very actively in its marketing with his wife Lisa.

I want to pay tribute here to the persons who, without doubting, helped me to realize this plan which seemed a bit crazy at the beginning. I also think about people who, without knowing it (either because they played the accordina or because they talked to me about it) provoked the wish to make again this instrument. I am going to name them and I hope I wont forget anyone :

Augustin Liétard, Michel Salobir, Olivier Manoury, Pierre Antoine, Richard Galliano, Daniel Mille, Lisa et Thierry Bénétoux, Guy Duchêne, Jean-Louis Noton, Marcel Loeffler, Mady et Peter Soave, Bruno Priez, Roland Romanelli, Raynald Ouellet, Vitaliano et Roberto Morbidoni, Lionel Suarez, Ludovic Beier, Claude Cavagnolo, René Lacheze.

Thank you all for your active or unintentional help!


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